A United States producer of frozen meat products that ships nationally has voluntarily recalled two and five pound packages of its product containing ground beef. Sample tests have shown traces of two potentially harmful forms of bacteria.

Bravo Packaging Inc. has recalled its Ground Beef and Performance Dog frozen, raw pet food after tests have shown the product might contain foodborne pathogens, according to a March 3, 2021, U.S. Food and Drug Administration warning.

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Of the two illnesses, Listeria is known to present a more serious threat, as birth defects and fatal reactions occur with more regularity than Salmonella, according to the FDA website. Both pathogens can cause a great deal of harm to both animals and humans if undiagnosed. The FDA is urging consumers who may have purchased this product to return it to the store it was sold at, or discard the product.

No human or animal illnesses have been reported to date from exposure to the recalled pet food. For those with questions regarding this recall, you can call the Bravo Packaging Inc. hotline, at 856-299-1044. Bravo Packaging Inc. ships the product out of New Jersey.

Symptoms of exposure to Listeria and Salmonella in animals and humans can include nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. The FDA is asking pet owners who believe this product might have caused illness to seek advise from a local health provider. Adults are also being asked to contact their providers if they believe they have been affected by exposure to the product through the prepping of meals for their animals.

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