You should read this map if you want to know how to get to Ross Falls.

Ross Falls is a destination near Magic Mountain that can be accessed from a trail off of Rock Creek Road in the South Hills. It's often described as an easy hike, so it's enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts and casual hikers alike.

Even though the entrance to the trail is easy to spot, if you've never been to Ross Falls, it's also extremely easy to take the wrong path.

When you first arrive at the pull out area, you are immediately greeted by a trail that leads up the side of the mountain. Based on its proximity to parking, it's natural to assume that this is the trail to Ross Falls. It's not. If you take this trail, you're in for  a beautiful (and somewhat challenging) hike up the mountain along a running stream. But the stream is nothing more a tease, making you think that the falls 'has got to be' over the next ridge. Make no mistake, this trail does not lead to Ross Falls.

Instead of taking the trail up the mountain, all you need to do is walk just a little further south from where you parked along Rock Creek Road, and you'll arrive at the trail entrance. It is this, well groomed path that will lead you to Ross Falls.