I want to get healthier, just like many of us. I've been mulling over the best way to get started.

A gym membership seems like a big step with contracts and rules and people who don't seem to want me there because I'll take up their space on their favorite machine. Trust me, I've heard them while sitting in waiting rooms.

I think I may have found MY answer.

CSI has great youth classes in the summer. My daughter has been to many. She can't wait for summer activities. So, I get the schedule in the mail from CSI Community Education. I almost tossed it thinking I'll look at the summer line up at the end of spring. Sitting on the couch while my husband watches Big Bang Theory reruns, I take a gander.

Behold! Something for me? Ballroom Dance, Piyo and Karate, are just a few of the things I can look forward to. Heck, there's even a Nature and Forest Therapy class! Not to mention some things that would be fun just to try something new. Glass blowing? Ya, I think I saw that on How It's Made once. Looks awesome.

So, if you want a chance to do something new or get in some exercise without the pressure, try out CSI. It's like credits for your life's report card. I'm shooting for a 4.0, but I'll work up to that, I've got time!

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