Personalized plates can be entertaining

When you drive around Twin Falls or any other town, you’ve probably spent time stuck in traffic trying to decipher personalized license plates. I’m not sure what’s more entertaining, the plates themselves or some of our really bad attempts at translations.

They won’t let you put just anything on a plate

Like most states, Idaho offers you the ability to personalize your license plate at a slightly higher cost than that of a number that's allocated by the Idaho Transportation Department.   But there are limits to what your personalized message can say. Idaho has a system of checks in place to make sure nothing distasteful winds up on the back of a car. I’m sure you can imagine what we might see out there if personalized plates went unchecked. In fact, we recently did a story about some of the more controversial plates that were rejected in 2022.

Keep scrolling and you can see our entire list of 2022 rejected plates.

Read the rejected plates for yourself below, and I think you’ll probably understand why some of them were vetoed, but you might also wonder why some of them didn’t get a pass… especially when you compare them to this plate that did made it though:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Here’s one that might have slipped through the cracks

If you don’t understand the reference, you can Google it yourself, but be warned that the results you'll get are not safe for work. I’m not sure if the decency checkers were on a break that day, but when I compare this one with the rejection of UFARTED, it makes me wonder what metric is being used to set the bar.

I’m in no way suggesting it should be up to me to decide what’s decent or not. All I'm saying is that after you see some of the personalized plates that were rejected in 2022, it does make you wonder how this one made it through. In any case, I understand these kinds of things are totally subjective.

How do you get a personalized license plate in Idaho anyhow?

You can order personalized plates online and check to see if your message is available on the Idaho Department of Transportation Website. To be eligible to purchase a personalized Idaho plate, you have to have a current vehicle registration and title, and you need to have a profile on the IDT Portal. From there, you can check to see if your message is already taken or available for submission. Once you submit, IDT will either issue you a plate or get back to you if your plate is rejected for a ‘tastefulness’ issue or any other problem.

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DISCLAIMER: These license plates were rejected by the state for a reason. They were either deemed to be offensive, hateful, or vulgar. Some do incorporate the 'B' from the BSU plate to create the offensive phrase and only 1 that I could tell needs to be read backward.

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