Everyone wishes they wouldn’t need to do it, but every year our attention is drawn back to the dreaded chore of taxes. Many times it goes unnoticed how much is taken out from every paycheck until tax season rears its ugly head. It’s not often after all the numbers are tabulated that people like the results.

Real estate property taxes are nobody’s favorite thing. First, there is a mortgage payment, then insurance costs, and finally add on the property tax insult to injury. Perhaps homeowners can feel better knowing real estate taxes are going to schools or something, right?

Real Estate Taxes in California Are No Fun, But They Could Be Worse

Source: WalletHub

If you love living in California, the property taxes aren’t going to chase you away. Ranking 16th in real estate property tax is better than one might expect. If thinking of a relocation, consider that conservative states have lower property taxes.

Real Estate Isn’t the Only Property Taxed in California

Source: WalletHub

Land isn’t the only place to get hit with property taxes. Half of the county doesn’t impose annual taxes on vehicles, but California isn’t one of them. California has one of the lowest annual costs, $172 a year, on top of car payments and insurance it is still unfortunate.

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Understanding that taxes are necessary to keep California functioning, the notion of paying the taxes still hurts. If only the taxes that were collected paid for the things for which they were originally intended. These days, they get rerouted to anywhere lawmakers decide on a whim.

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What is the definition of a good tax accountant? Someone who has a loophole named after him.

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