A major concern on many metropolitan freeways isn’t gridlock, it’s shootings. This type of violence is dangerous to more than the participants. Shootings between vehicles have grave consequences for bystanders (uninvolved drivers) who happen to be trapped on the freeway while the violence ensues.

It isn’t often enough that people get to hear good news about freeway shootings, but now they can.

California Saw a Huge Change in the Number of Freeway Shootings

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) released information documenting a significant decline in freeway shootings across the state, down more than 21% from 2022 and 38% from 2021. The number of victims killed and injured also decreased. This may be in part due to an increase in the number of arrests involving freeway shootings up 9% from 2022.

Of course, the ultimate goal for the number of freeway shootings is ‘0’, but in this instance less is better than more. California’s Governor Newsom spoke his thoughts on the subject.

While this downward trend marks progress, let's be clear: one life lost by gun violence is one too many. California will remain relentless in our pursuit to improve public safety, reduce gun violence, and invest in smart crime-fighting strategies that deliver real results.

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The CHP Commissioner, Sean Duryee, said:

Freeway shootings are serious crimes, and the CHP actively investigates every incident of highway violence. This accomplishment reflects our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of our highways throughout California and fostering an environment where motorists can travel without fear.

Anyone who is driving on the freeway and witnesses a shooting should maintain distance when possible, call 9-1-1, note details of the incident, and remain calm. Information vital for CHP is license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions.

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