A 12-year-old boy, Blake, was killed in an ATV accident on September 7th was a huge Golden State Warriors fan, and an especial fan of Stephen Curry. The family in Blake's honor reached out to Curry in hopes to talk to him. Curry responded.

Blake was such a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors that he was buried in his favorite outfit consisting of Golden State Warrior gear, and a Golden State Warrior flag was draped over his coffin. Over the last week, the community has been trying to get in contact with Steph Curry, and Blake's sister Kori finally got through to him.

Kori Gartner
Kori Gartner

On Kori's Instagram, Curry responded with this:

"My condolences for your loss! @ayeshacurry and I send our thoughts and prayers to the entire family. We lost a true member of #dubnation"

Although it may not seem like much to some, this gesture meant the world to this family. These star players are incredibly busy and don't have to take the time to respond to people but it is amazing that he did. Huge shout out to Stephen Curry, dub nation and most of all this community who worked so hard to get in touch with this organization to make anything possible.

I grew up a Boston Celtics fan, but dub nation and Steph Curry may have just gotten themselves another fan. I wouldn't be surprised if all of southern Idaho starts representing the blue and gold. I feel truly honored to be part of this community.

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