Thursday January 28th there were reports of booms felt across the Magic Valley. These booms aren't really new. We feel them all the time but these booms might finally have an explanation.

We can't speak for all the other booms we have felt in the past, but the ones from Thursday were pretty much confirmed to be a special operations unit of military training. According to a press release from Joint Base Lewis McChord stated that Mountain Home Air Force Base, the Lewis McChord Base and Magic Valley Regional Airport are conducting training during night hours.

According to the press release, they will be conduction operations through February 4th at night so there will be some extra noise. They did state that they are trying to make sure that they reduce as much noise as possible during their operations.

They did state that this type of training has to happen to make sure that they are always ready just in case military presence is needed.

Again, we can't state that this is what the booms have been in the past but they are definitely the booms we felt on Thursday January 28th. We have been getting reports of booms from Hagerman, Jerome, Twin Falls, Wendell and Buhl. Some people in Hagerman actually stated that it felt like their home was going to fall over.

We got you now Mountain home Air Force Base! We knew it was you.

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