After dealing with uncontrolled crime, and fearing for patron and staff safety, two major food chains are permanently shuttering in 2024

In-N-Out Burger Shuts Down Flagship Oakland Location Due to Rising Crime

In-N-Out Burger, a California institution, has announced the closure of its iconic Oakland restaurant. This marks the first time in the chain's history since 1948 that a location will be closed. The decision to shutter this flagship establishment, scheduled for March 24, 2024, stems from a surge in criminal activity in the area.

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In-N-Out Burger's decision to close its Oakland location is primarily attributed to an increase in crime-related incidents. The company's statement points to car break-ins, property damage, theft, and armed robberies as the key factors behind this difficult choice.

Denny's in Oakland, CA Falls Victim to Crime

In addition to In-N-Out Burger, another establishment, Denny's, has fallen victim to the adverse effects of crime in Oakland. A notice posted on the restaurant's door explicitly stated that the safety and well-being of Denny's team members and valued guests took precedence.

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Crime Crisis in Oakland, California

The trend of rising crime in Oakland, California, has become increasingly evident. Reports indicate that in 2023, theft and robbery incidents surged by as much as 37 percent, painting a bleak picture of the city's safety.

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A CBS News report further highlights the severity of the situation, revealing that property crimes and homicides are both on the rise, with an astonishing 17,042 reported cases. The crime wave has cast a shadow over Oakland, raising concerns not only for businesses but also for residents and visitors alike.

Oakland City Council's Attempt to Address Crime

The Oakland City Council's efforts to address the escalating crime problem have been met with mixed results. In 2021, a decision was made to defund the police, taking 17.4 million dollars away from the Oakland City Police Department, and redirecting the funds to programs aimed at improving safety. However, it appears that the approved budget cuts were not fully implemented, leaving the police department with its funding intact.

Furthermore, civil-led programs designed to tackle the root causes of crime have thus far failed to yield substantial results, leaving the city grappling with an ongoing crime crisis. The closure of prominent businesses like In-N-Out Burger and Denny's underscores the urgency of finding effective solutions to combat crime and restore safety to Oakland's streets.

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