College football is officially underway! If you missed the story about the Boise State game over the weekend, you definitely need a recap because it was a pretty amazing game. The NFL starts this Thursday, September 5th. I love football and I feel like there is a pretty big college following here. Which is the favorite?

If anyone has ever heard me talk football they know that I absolutely love the NFL and I am a die hard Green Bay Packers fan. They kick of the season this Thursday, September 5th against the Chicago Bears. (One of the biggest, if not the biggest, rivalry in NFL history).

The Boise State game was pretty amazing. The Broncos were down 31 - 13 and somehow managed to come back and win it 36 - 31. That is pretty amazing and a great way to kick of a college season opener. I will be spending all of my time watching football. Which one are you more likely to watch?

I end up planning my weekends around football and the games that I have to watch. I also got myself pretty involved in Fantasy Football. When I lived in Las Vegas I used to go to the sports book and place bets on games all the time. Moving to Idaho was much better for my bank account.

No matter what you watch, if you watch both or nothing at all, there is usually something or some team you support. I tried really hard to get passionate about UNLV's football team (they are just terrible) but I have found a new respect for BSU. It's definitely going to be a fun football season.

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