Now, before I get mass amounts of emails and comments about forgotten hidden gems, please just know if I missed anything it was unintentional. Coffee is the nectar of the Gods and I want to try it all from everywhere.

So, just let me know if I forgot any coffee shops and I will try to get them on the poll.

For now, I have to say that I have tried most, if not all of these places, and I can say I haven't really had a bad cup of coffee in this town. Twin Falls takes their brews seriously and I love it.

Some of my favorite coffee shops also have more to offer. They can have pastries, bagels, treats and specialty drinks to die for. I want to know which coffee shop is going to have to be my next favorite.

Now, I know a ton of diners in the area carry some amazing coffee, but just for the sake of space, we are leaving those out.

Who did I miss?

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