It is National Sandwich Month! What better way to celebrate than eating all the sandwiches. Twin Falls has a pretty good amount of choices for sandwiches and I pretty much love them all. Which one is the best?

I know technically hamburgers and hot dogs are also "sandwiches" because of any meat and/or vegetables between two slices of bread. We have had a debate about this several times. But for the sake of time, space and my sanity, I am not going to add places that serve hamburgers and hot dogs to this list. We are only going to compare the places that serve what I would consider "traditional" sandwich. You know, bread, turkey, mayo, mustard that kind of thing.

I seriously have no idea which place is my favorite. Each one is good for different reasons and different things. Twin Falls Sandwich Co is the first place I ever ate when I came to Twin Falls for the first time. I had the Perrine and was hooked ever since. I also really like their french fries.

Places like Subway, Jersey Mikes and Capriottis are all great for a quick in and out. Even McAlister's Deli is great for quickness, but I definitely go there for their potatoes and their sides because let's face it, they have some of the best macaroni and cheese in town.

If I could only go to one for the rest of my life I think no matter what I chose, I would be incredibly sad. There are so many great options and I can't pick just one. And I do apologize if I missed a place. I did my best. If I missed one please let me know.

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