Even people who hate football love Super Bowl parties. Food is probably the best thing about Super Bowl parties, especially when you don't have a team playing in it. So which do you have to have at your party? Pizza or wings?

According to a recent study, 1.4 billion wings will be eaten on Super Bowl Sunday. That is a ridiculous amount of wings.

There isn't really an exact estimate on how many pizzas will be ordered since there are so many choices to choose from when ordering. However, according to Pizza Hut they anticipate selling more than 1.5 million pizzas and Domino's said they typically sell nearly 2 million pizzas. That is a 40 percent increase from a normal Sunday for them.

So which one are you having? Or I guess I should say which one is a must have for you? Knowing some of the parties that I have been to in the past, many parties are going to have both. Have to have a variety of foods when watching football for several hours.

Other fun facts about food consumption on Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently the average person will consume over 6,000 calories while watching the game. 1.3 billion dollars worth of beer and hard cider will be bought on game day. That equals about 325.5 million gallons of beer drank.

Good luck this Sunday, make sure you don't give yourself too much of a stomach ache. Unless you don't have to work on Monday, then you should have time for recovery.

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