The "Stay Home" order is in place right now until the end of the month. Come May 1st, businesses will likely, hopefully, be reopening. With the "non-essential" businesses reopening, which one are you most excited about being able to go to?

To me I don't think the "non-essential" businesses should be considered as such. But I also don't make those decisions. I am just counting down the days until I can get back to life.

I am not sure which business I am most excited about opening. I really desperately need a hair cut, but so does everyone else. You know those salons are going to get packed quickly.

Honestly my first stop is probably going to be the gym. I miss the camaraderie with all my gym buddies, I miss the extra push of training hard and honestly I need to be accountable for all the terrible things I have been eating and drinking.

I miss sports though. This week is the NFL draft and I enjoy watching it. Thankfully I likely will be able to and I will hopefully not miss a single football game. I miss hockey, baseball, basketball...the list goes on and on. I am pretty sure my TV will be parked on ESPN for weeks.

It is likely going to be the first year in a while I don't attend a concert of some sort. That makes me kind of sad but I am ready for things to get up and running and ready for real life again.

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