There is something perfect about a breakfast sandwich. It is one of my favorite things in the entire world. I have been craving them more and more lately and I want to know where in Twin Falls is the best place to get a breakfast sandwich.

Now, if I missed a restaurant it was not intentional. There are a lot of restaurants and if I missed it let me know because I definitely want to go and give it a try. Especially if it is your favorite.

I also want to know what kind of breakfast sandwich are your favorite. Biscuit buns, croissant, burger buns. I am down to try every single one of them. I have had pretty much every single fast food breakfast sandwich out there and I am 100 percent positive a fast food joint is not the best place in Twin Falls to get a breakfast sandwich.

I also likely missed some coffee shops that have breakfast sandwiches and again, I apologize for that. I will definitely come in and give them all a try. Fresh made breakfast sandwiches are the best thing on the planet. Especially if the egg is fried and still a little runny. Just enough yolk to give a little extra flavor.  Now I'm hungry. I will definitely be stopping by one of these places this weekend.

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