In case you missed it, the Popeyes restaurant on Pole Line in Twin just closed up shop.  But did you know that this is the third time that Popeyes has tried - and failed - to have a successful run in Twin Falls?

Do you recognize the picture of the building above? It's a Payday Loans on Blue Lakes right next to Pawn 1 in Twin Falls, and in the early 90's, there was a Popeyes at this location.  The current building even maintains the color scheme of the failed franchise.

Twin Falls Co Assessor File Photo

One of our listeners, Erin sent us these photos of the building in its various states over the years and we know that this location was a gas station in 1970.

Twin Falls Co Assessor File Photo

Sometime around 1979, the building was renovated and it became a KFC for around 10 years.

Twin Falls Co Assessor File Photo

In the early 90's, KFC closed, the trademark steeple was removed, and the building was painted orange and red to make way for a new Popeye's restaurant.  Now, we don't have the exact timeline but the Blue Lakes Popeyes only lasted a year or two before closing.

Fun Fact:  Among other things, this building was a Bubba's in 1999 and there's some talk that Garibaldi's set up shop here for a short stint...  We haven't been able to confirm the Garibaldi's rumor, but the Bubba's proof is in the pic above.

Some of you say that you remember the Popeyes on Blue Lakes and others say they remember one at the Oasis on Addison as well... and at least one of you on Facebook remembers both.


I'd love it if you'd comment and let us know if you can remember all three Popeyes locations in Twin Falls.