School might be out for the summer and while it has only been out for a short time, it is never too soon to look ahead and start planning for next year. The students might be gone, but teachers will be hard at work planning for the next school year this summer, and one thing that teachers need every year is supplies. There is an event currently taking place that will be going on over the next week to help these teachers, and it will take the Magic Valley's help to succeed.

Battle of the Nurseries in the Magic Valley

Credit: juefraphoto
Credit: juefraphoto

Battle of the Nurseries is currently taking place in the Magic Valley and began on May 26 and will go until June 9. Three nurseries are competing in the Magic Valley, which will consist of Moss in Jerome, Webb in Twin Falls, and Windsor's in Kimberly. All three nurseries are asking for donations, and wherever you donate, the supplies will stay in that school district. Keep this in mind when donating, especially if you don't have kids that are school-aged, so you can dictate where your donation goes, and help that nursery gather more than the other two. 

About Battle of the Nurseries

Battle of the Nurseries is put on by Project Succeed and Melissa Pease and is a fundraiser competition to help the teachers in the area. The nurseries will be accepting any school supplies you think a teacher would need that teach kindergarten through 8th grade. Rulers, notebooks, pens, pencils, tissues, scissors, crayons, markers, erasers, or anything else you would buy for a student to start school. The nursery that collects the most supplies will have a donation of $5,000 to Project Succeed in their name. For more details on Battle of the Nurseries, watch the video above and click the link. 

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While most of us are thinking about summer and putting the school year behind us, the next semester will be here before you know it. Before you get too busy with summer plans, make sure to stop by one of the three nurseries listed above and make a donation as a thank you to the teachers from this last year, and to help them prepare for the following year. Make sure to donate to the right school district or nursery that you want to help out.

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