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School Supplies in Twin Falls
Ten years ago, you could buy your children's school supplies for under $40. If you use coupons, you might be able to buy your children's school supplies for under $40 this year. However, most Twin Falls parents report spending between $60 to $100 per child this year on school supplies…
New Elementary Schools Supply Lists
I have to admit, I am not happy that the 2016/2017 school year is approaching. I love having my kids home. However, school is necessary so I guess it's time to talk about school supplies.
Back to School Expense
There are a lot of great things about your kids going back to school. Your kids will begin to learn new things, make new memories, your house will stay clean, but your wallet will feel a lot lighter.
Does Your School Need School Supplies?
We all know that Google is AMAZING but, this tops the cake for me. Google has been providing school supplies for millions of students.
Teachers, from all over the country, have been requesting school supplies on, andaccording to CNBC, Google has been fulfilling EVERY request!