You have probably seen the work of Perrine Man Press around the area. If you have seen the hats, shirts, sweaters and more with the bearded man with sunglasses, that is their handy work. At first you could only purchase online, that is about to change.

Perrine Man Press has also made appearances at farmers markets and places like Vintage Vixens, but now they are going to have their own store front in Downtown Twin Falls. According to them, they are hoping to have the store open in the middle of July but no official date has been announced just yet. We are hoping sooner rather than later.

They also informed us that they will have soaps, jewelry, art and other products from local artists and craft makers as well so you can support local on all purchases there.

Perrine Man Press said they hand draw all of their designs and they put them on everything from apparel to accessories. I purchased one of my favorite hats of all time from them.

If you go to their website you can read a little about them and see some of the stuff they have to offer. They wanted to create an outdoorsy shop that you want to wear all the time, and it definitely works for me. I want their thermoses and coffee mugs too.

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