Some people just don't get Idaho, some people think it's Iowa. So, if you are sick of getting the same questions from out-of-staters, here are some perfect snarky remarks that might make you feel better.

Question: Idaho - you mean Iowa?

Response: No, I mean Idaho. There are 50 states, here, would you like my map?

Question: I-da-ho; You-da-ho (chuckle chuckle)

Response: *burst into uncontrollable laughter* Oh my gosh you are SOOOO funny! I have never heard that one before! How could you possibly be so original! I love it!

Question: So, it's just the land of potatoes?

Response: Yep, I am pretty sure the ground is just one giant potato. In fact, the people themselves are even starting to turn into potatoes. Idaho is the "Potato State" for a reason: oh wait...

Question: Is there anything to do in Idaho?

Response: Nope; you should probably go find someplace else to move.

Question: What is fry sauce?

Response: The nectar of the Gods!

Question: Finger Steaks? They sound horrible!

Response: We just made chicken fingers better; steak is always greater than chicken.

Question: Doesn't everyone own guns and drink beer?

Response: Don't you?!

Question: Isn't it super conservative?

Response: Yep, people can't even wear blue in the state. If you see someone in camo, you are wearing blue, they have a beer and you hear, "Hold my beer watch this"; RUN!

Seriously, people, we are over answering these questions! If you want to come to Idaho, WELCOME. Enjoy the beauty! And please STOP mistaking us for Iowa

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