They say you learn something new every day. That's not correct. I distinctly remember not learning anything Wednesday. However, thanks to listener Sheila, I did learn something today. Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants is from Rupert, Idaho.

I realize that Patrick Star is a fictional character, but the guy that does the voice for Patrick is a real guy named Bill Fagerbakke. And, if you look at Bill's Wikipedia page, you see this

Fagerbakke, was born in Fontana, California, and moved to Rupert, Idaho, as a youth. He graduated from Minico High School in Rupert in 1975, where he was a three-sport athlete for the Spartans in football, basketball, and track.

If you look at Bill's IMDB page, you'll see he has a mammoth catalog of work. Where do I start? He spent years as a major character on the TV show "Coach". He was Tom Cullen in Stephen King's The Stand.

Maybe this doesn't speak very highly of my maturity level, but I consider the news about Bill being from the Magic Valley some of the best news ever.