I had no idea what a paramotor was until I saw this video. It looks like a propelled parachute that lets you soar. This YouTuber apparently traveled 325 miles on one and made a stop in Jackpot.

In the video he talks a lot about how cold it is up there, which makes complete and total sense. I had no idea that Jackpot had an airport but this guy checks it out. Could you imagine just coming across a place like Jackpot in the middle of nowhere. He makes a soft landing and decides to check the place out.

This video is actually from 2017 so don't worry he isn't breaking any Coronavirus rules. I can't believe I haven't come across this video sooner.

The good folks in Jackpot were very helpful to this guy. He said they helped him carry his gear in to the hotel room and someone gave him a ride from the airport to a hotel room that he could crash at for the night.

It is funny listening to him question what kind of place it is. He said he assumed it was a gambling town, which I think the casinos gave away. He was also looking for a few bars and a few restaurants. Well, they do have some pretty great options.

It makes me wonder where his next stop was, maybe Twin Falls? Maybe he decided to go home. Who knows but it is cool to see Jackpot from the sky like that.

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