I was within earshot of a conversation while waiting in line at the store, and the couple in front of me was talking about how excited they were about the new Papa John's in Twin Falls. Usually, I don't go out of my way to eavesdrop, but conversations about food are of great interest to me. During their conversation, one of the mentioned that they had heard that Papa John's had already closed. Say, what? They just opened, so that can't be right. I had to check it out for myself.

The new Papa John's is at 434 Blue Lakes Blvd North in Twin

The new Papa John's in Twin Falls is right next to Arby's, which was on my way home. As I drove by, the lights were on, cars were in the parking lot, and I could see someone leaving with a pizza box in hand. Papa John's was indeed open for business.

Google Screen Cap
Google Screen Cap

Why are some people mistakenly thinking Papa John's is closed?

When I got home, I Googled the Twin Falls Papa John's and quickly discovered the source of confusion: The old location that closed several years ago will sometimes show up on a Google search. If you Google Papa John's Twin Falls, you might stumble upon the old location and assume that it's referencing the new Papa John's that just opened.

Depending on your Google search criteria, you might be seeing a dated Google listing when you search for the restaurant. When I searched for Papa John's Twin Falls, I was given the result for the old Papa John's location that's permanently closed. However, the new location, next to Arby's, shows up on a search for Papa John's or Papa John's Pizza.

No question: Papa John's in Twin Falls is open

Rest assured, Papa John's in Twin Falls is still open.

If you search for Papa John's in Twin Falls and you see a search result that indicates they're closed, don't worry. The new Papa John's in Twin Falls is open and ready to do business.

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