Auto mechanics are human beings and make mistakes like the rest of us when attempting vehicle repairs. When a large number of locals, however, appear to be singling out one specific garage, then that's when there might be a more serious problem at hand.

We all have our auto repair horror story tucked away for the day someone asks us our opinion on area mechanics. I had an awful experience in the summer of 2021 with a south Idaho repair shop that resulted in me having to spend an entire morning at an out-of-state service center while on vacation to fix the mistake made by the initial mechanic. In the process of making the repair, it was later verified that the mechanic made further damages under the hood, which were signaled by the check engine light.

I have never taken my vehicle back to this shop that will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. I will say that this specific garage doesn't have the best reputation with locals, or other repair shops for that matter. I know this for a fact because when my vehicle began having issues within two hours after picking it up and being told the repair was made, I drove to a shop in a neighboring city for a second opinion and the service manager rolled his eyes when I told him where it had been worked on.

"We get so many people coming in with problems after they've taken it there," the manager said.

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It's almost as if some repair shop supervisors completely ignore Yelp reviews. To make a long story short, the repairs were paid for by the initial shop who acknowledged they were most likely to blame for the damage, and the employee I spoke to was very apologetic over the whole experience, which required my vehicle to be in a garage for more than five days over what was determined to be a minor problem.

My advice to you is to always read the reviews on a garage you're considering taking your car or truck to. In the case of the shop I'm writing about, the feedback they have received over the past few years amounts to page after page of scathing criticism. I've also read countless posts by locals on Facebook who have had issues with the same repair shop, and the word of mouth in town is equally as damaging.

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