There has been a photo of a Twin Falls police officer that was doctored to make it look like the officer was looking at something inappropriate. That is not only ridiculous but it is kind of sad. So this is to whoever decided to photoshop that officer.

The photo being shared across the internet is causing a huge uproar for both police supporters and those who, let's just say, don't have the same love for those in blue. You are entitled to your opinion, that is completely fine. Just because I believe police work hard every day to ensure the safety of this community doesn't mean you have to believe they are an important entity.

However, the fact that someone went out of their way to try and ruin someone's life, potentially a complete stranger, over the fact he was using his work computer for something else? Now, I don't think I know a single person who has not used their work computer for something personal, whether it be shopping during the holidays or browsing Facebook occasionally. He was not breaking any laws. You literally tried to ruin a man's life and his livelihood, the way he feeds his family, because he is a cop? That same man who, if you call on him, a complete stranger, will do everything he can to help you because that is his job.

So many people are commenting "**** the police" and disrespecting them. Now, I do know that some police officers do wrong things. But I doubt this is the case for this officer. These people saying "**** the police" will be the same ones calling 911 when their house is broken into or they get in a car accident. Sure, you hate the police until you need them.

Again, you are entitled to your beliefs. If you don't like police, fine, but trying to destroy a man's career with a lie is ridiculous. If he was really looking at something explicit and doing something inappropriate sure, let his supervisor know. But fabricating this is a new low. I urge you to get a job, move out of your parents house, play video games, do something, anything better with your life than trolling and trying to hurt people for no reason.

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