There is never a good time to need a doctor. Illness doesn’t follow an appointment schedule and waiting rooms are never any fun, especially when that wait is for hours. It's just an insult to injury…or illness.

With my first few children, there was nothing like urgent care in our little town. We either got into the pediatrician, or we had to go to the emergency room clinic. I was very familiar with a 3-hour wait to get in to see a doctor for an earache, and the cost was not pleasant.

My husband managed to introduce himself into the world of urgent care another way. He fell off a stepstool trying to put kayaks up on the car and broke his tibia. That was our first visit to urgent care. Sunday isn’t a good day to try and see your primary care provider. That may be when you need to use an urgent care location instead.

Where Can I Find an Urgent Care Close to Me?

Urgent Care of Idaho has now opened a 2nd location in Twin Falls. It is located in the old ‘Tomatoes’ building at the corner of Blue Lakes and North College Road. They are open later in the evenings for anyone who needs something not scheduled between regular weekday 8-5 business hours or on Saturday and Sunday. As a bonus, the wait times are typically 30 minutes or less.

They take patients of all ages for illness or injury and provide services for physicals, flu shots, Covid testing, and occupational medicine. They have onsite x-rays and labs so your issue can usually be taken care of in 1 visit. But they can't do everything.

When is it Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

The question that plagues most people is: is this an urgent care visit or an emergency room issue? Erica at Urgent Care of Idaho advises “When you need stitches on your finger, we take care of that. When you need a finger stitched on, that’s the emergency room.” So, let’s review the kind of things to take to urgent care or emergency room.

Urgent Care                                                Emergency Room

  • Hurts to swallow                                       Can’t swallow
  • Fell and hurt leg                                        Fell and hurt head
  • Fever without rash                                    Fever with a rash
  • Wheezing or shortness of breath             Chest pain and severe difficulty breathing

A New Way to Care for Urgency in Twin Falls

A phone call is always a good idea if you’re not sure. Most insurances have a nurse helpline to call with any questions as to where to go. Urgent Care of Idaho is happy to advise you when you call as well.

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