Have you ever had your car not start, been left somewhere, or had a little too much to drink to operate a vehicle? We have all had a time when we needed a ride and there was nobody we knew that could help us out. If you have needed Lyft or Uber, then you know sometimes they can be a little expensive, take a while, or maybe not even show up at all. There is a new ride share service in Jerome that is a nice alternative option the next time you are in a bind.

Anchor Taxi in Jerome

Benito Baeza
Benito Baeza

Anchor Taxi is the only Jerome-based taxi company and will be able to get to you quicker than any of the other services if you are in that area. While the other services will go to Jerome, they are not based out of there. The company was started by a married couple in the area that had previously worked for another service and decided to start their own.

Pricing For Anchor Taxi

Picture by Bill Colley.
Picture by Bill Colley.

The prices for Anchor Taxi are very reasonable starting at only $5 for pick-up and $2.50 for each mile. You can buy a $40 ride card, good for five rides, as well as only $6 for bar hopping. That can be from home to bar, bar to bar, or bar back to home. All these prices are for the Jerome area, but you can ask about further locations.

Job Opportunity at Anchor Taxi

If you love to drive around, meet new people and see the Magic Valley, then reach out to Anchor Taxi as they are looking to expand and add drivers. Their number is 208-404-4891 and they are currently looking for a driver for the Twin Falls area. It is a perfect way to get familiar with the area if you are new here, while also making a few extra bucks. Neither the passenger nor the driver is required to wear facemasks as well. 

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The next time you need a ride in the Jerome or Twin Falls area, make sure to give Anchor Taxi a call. They will get you to where you are going for a good cost and most likely not take as long as another service would. Don't drink and drive or be stranded any longer, give Anchor Taxi a call today. 

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