We are all familiar with the giant hole, known at the Boise Pit, that has been in downtown Boise for years. The giant hole has officially become Boise's newest and tallest building. Thousands of people were in downtown Boise over the weekend for the grand opening of the 17 story Zions Bank building.

Folks are thrilled this day has come.

"I would say it's almost surreal, to see the progress that's happening in Boise. You look across or look down this street, and we have new restaurants, new stores, it's exciting," explains Boise resident Robin Fuego.

Kevin Murphy adds, "well, I think it's real good for the community, obviously, the local economy, especially, and I think it's real important, and I commented to my wife earlier today, that I think it's real good that they made it such a public event, the opening."

The celebration featured food vendors, a beer garden and live bands including the Goo Goo Dolls.