There is always speculation and debate as a new structure is erected in our city. Businesses come and go in already existing buildings, but a new building always brings a different vibe, a titillating excitement. What new store is going in? What kind of business should go in? What new thing do we want in Twin Falls?

Credit City of Twin Falls
Credit City of Twin Falls

The sign on the street says two pad sites are available, but the permit is for 3 buildings. Holes are being dug. Heavy machinery and fencing surround the area. Anticipation is expanding.

There are plenty of suggestions as to what should go into the new space on Blue Lakes between Carl’s Jr. and Colortyme. The list of what people would like to see here in Twin Falls is almost endless. It may be easier to look at what shouldn’t go in.

  • Coffee Shop - There are more coffee shops per capita here than in Seattle. Make it stop.
  • Payday/Title Loan Company - There are already plenty. The unofficial rule is one per strip mall. Enough.
  • Thrift Shop - Many exist in Twin Falls. Support the ones already here.
  • Massage Parlor - Formerly at this location. Don’t repeat a failed idea.
  • Car Wash - At least two on Blue Lakes already. Why does everything have to be so clean?
  • Bank/Credit Union - Almost as many banks as coffee shops. Who has this much money?
  • Wireless Authorized Dealer - How about not? Actual wireless stores or nothing.
  • Restaurants - Blackout certain types at least; Mexican, pizza, and sushi.
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There are so many new ideas to float. Why rely on nostalgia or a repeat of what Twin Falls already has here? Onward and upward with something new and completely different.

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