According to a recent press release, the Department of Defense has authorized the release of videos that were circulating that capture an unidentified aerial phenomena. It confirms the videos were taken by the Navy and are now unclassified..

Apparently, according to the press release, three videos that were taken in 2004 and two in 2015 were previously released without authorization in 2007 and 2017. Now it has been determined that there is no reason these videos should not be released because they do not contain any sensitive information. And rather than cause any more speculation they are just releasing the videos.


You can check out more information that was released by the Navy here or find more documents that have been released here.

So the Navy is not saying it is aliens, they are just saying that these unidentified objects were indeed caught on camera by the Navy and they remain unidentified. UFOs are associated with aliens, but it just means that it is an unidentified flying object. Technically a kite caught on camera that someone can't identify is a UFO.

However, we can't rule out aliens either. It does make you wonder what could be lurking in Area 51 and what other things have been caught on camera that are "classified" still. ALIENS! What do you think? Are aliens real?

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