When I moved to Idaho, I had to get a new license.  To my husband's delight, I didn't pass the written test the first go 'round. How much has changed since I was 16yrs old?

Under 17 restriction: Hey, once you had that piece of plastic, you were golden! Now, for the 1st 6 months, there can only be one person under 17 in the car with you unless they are a family member. It gets complicated. After trying to read the manual (again), I decided to call in a professional.

Ted Larson from SOS Driving School had some help. I asked him about this turning left from the intersection at a stoplight. I was taught that you pull out into the intersection, then turn left when there is room. NOPE! Aggressive driving has become a big problem. Idaho made the change to combat what they could. Now, you wait to enter the intersection until you can COMPLETE THE TURN!!! So, lay off your horn. I'll get through when I have room. I can see in front of me better than you can from behind me anyway. I will not be bullied. I have the law on my side!

Perhaps a quick mention of the yellow turn arrows. Do not be afraid! Just treat them like a regular stoplight when you want to turn left. Wait to enter the intersection until you can complete the turn.

When I'm driving down Washington, there are crosswalks with signs. I stop for pedestrians.  Where Washington is 4 lanes with a physical median, there are crosswalks with no signs. Some people stop for pedestrians waiting at the corner, others fly through. More than once I have almost been rear ended for stopping to let people cross. What gives? Ted backed me up on this one. You are still supposed to stop for pedestrians at the crosswalk, even if you are on Washington where there is no stop sign or stop light. A crosswalk is still a crosswalk with or without the pretty yellow sign with people on it.

Laws change. Roads change. Cars even change! Now, with Anti-Lock Brakes, you don't even have to pump your brakes anymore! But, some things don't. You still stop for buses with the stop sign up unless you there are 4 lanes with a median. The shared center lane is for pulling out of the flow of traffic, not into it. Lights on for safety. And when in doubt, ask. It works!

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