Now that a 2019 laser show at Shoshone Falls has been confirmed, we thought we'd share some of what those who attend this May can look forward to. This footage from last year's event was beautifully edited, and will only take a minute of your time.

Southern Idaho Tourism recently shared details of this year's laser show to its website. The event is going to be held May 15-18, and organizers are promising a better show than last year. Tickets go on sale April 1.

This YouTube submission dated January 18 by The Wild Idahoan is a time-lapse flashback to 2018's Lights & Laser Show at Shoshone Falls. It begins with amazing, sunset footage over the falls, that showcases the incredible view from the VIP platform area. Tickets for a seat there this year will run you $50.

A Star Wars sequence, three-dimensional block formations and tribal dancing--set to purple, green and red laser lights--are some of the highlights of the video. For those that were unable to attend the shows in 2018, this video should be all the inspiration you need to go this year.



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