Moxie Java Tuscany will be closing their doors for good Thursday at 6 p.m. according to owner Logan Tusow.

The business was purchased by a local company who now owns a large portion of the real estate next to Moxie. Tusow said he is not sure what the owners plan on doing with the property but there are a lot of opportunities ahead.

Tusow said, "The local company bought me out and who knows, maybe they will put in a franchise business that isn't here yet, or rent it out to local businesses."

Tusow bought the property ten years ago and always looked at it as a way to "get to the beach." And "the beach" has turned into a metaphor of sorts. At first it was, "retire to a tepee on the beach" after he retired from the television business at KTFT. Now "the beach" could be anything from Buhl to Filer.

He admitted it is a lot more emotional to say goodbye than he thought it would be.

He said, "Doing all the final things, like the final inventory, the final schedule, it it more emotional than I thought."

As for the staff, at one point he had 16 and he is now down to 5. Tusow said he is doing everything he can to get them a job.

"I know bills don't stop for a day. I have been on both sides of the losing the job and it is traumatizing," Tusow said.

Tusow said he appreciates his loyal customers, "We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for keeping the dream alive for the last ten years...Competition is fierce in town and everyone has their own favorite spot."

If you are going to miss Moxie Java Tuscany, head down there before tomorrow at 6 p.m. for your final chance at supporting them.

What would you like to see replace Moxie Java?


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