Some people prefer to rescue a dog from a shelter, but sometimes prospective dog owners prefer to look into a dog that has been bred for certain traits. Certain breeds of dogs are known to have different personalities and behavior qualities that can be a good fit for what an owner is looking for.

What Do People Look For in a Pure Bred Dog?

There are many factors prospective pedigree dog owners research before choosing to bring a dog into their homes. The size of a dog is always a concern when thinking about the size home and yard an owner may have. Considerations for family-friendliness or protectiveness may be in the mix. Pondering hypoallergenic traits are also popular.

For example, people living in an apartment may prefer to get a smaller dog that doesn’t need as much outdoor activity time. A hunting enthusiast may be looking for a bird dog. A family with small children might consider a patient sturdy pet. An outdoorsman who loves hiking might want a dog that can keep warm and loves to exercise.

Breed Most Searched in Idaho and the Country

Golden Retriever
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In a study conducted by PetLab, Idaho’s most Google-searched dog breed is a Golden Retriever. 38 states favored looking up information on Goldens. Idaho is in the company of California, New York, Arizona, Iowa, and Ohio for states that are trying to find out more information on this particular breed.

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Golden Retrievers love kids, are eager to please, and are outgoing toward new people. They are playful not just as puppies, but well into old age. They live about 10-12 years, are normally 60-70 lbs, and should be kept active since they tend to become overweight. Be ready to have chew toys handy and to play in the water.

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