There is an extraordinary love between a dog and their person. It is great that your canine companion loves you so much. It sleeps in your bed, helps clean the dishes when it licks your plate and sits with you on the couch to keep you warm while you play video games. But, what kind of love are you offering in return?

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Our furry friends need more than to learn how to play dead for extra yummy treats. Socialization isn’t just barking at the other dogs in the neighborhood. Their health is important, but it’s not enough to take them for their yearly shots. There is more to dog ownership than a microchip and license. You have to make an effort. You have to make an outside effort.

Do You Love Your Dogs Enough to Walk Them?

How much do you consider walking your dog? Do you live in a place that supports a healthy dog-walking environment? It may be necessary to relocate if you truly love your dog. What city is best for keeping your dog in a healthy walking lifestyle?

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What kind of access does your city have for you and Fido to have a healthy walking relationship? How do you keep a walk fresh and fun for both of you? How safe is the walk you and your fuzzy companion share? Are there people to help you when you cannot take your most precious pumpkin out? What kind of walking areas are available near you?

What City Takes Home the Trophy for Best Place to Walk Your Dog?

Not surprising that Boise ranks in the top 10. We in Idaho do love our outdoor areas. Dogs in Boise enjoy quality dog areas with good access and safe trails. Our pampered pooches get an opportunity to stretch their legs and hang out with other like-minded walking enthusiasts.

How is Twin Falls for Walking Your Dog?

Walking a dog in Twin Falls can be tricky. Most city trails and parks are happy to have you and your dog out for a stroll, you just need to make sure your buddy is on a leash. If you have a vehicle to get to one of the many pet-friendly trails and parks, that’s great. Just don’t expect a safe walk to get there. With so many streets not having sidewalks to get to those areas, it can be daunting.

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The only leash-free area is closed right now due to soggy conditions. Baxter’s Park is closed until further notice because the turf is too easily torn up. It will reopen when conditions improve and the grass can handle the traffic.

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What do dogs eat for breakfast? Pooched eggs.

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