The disappearance of Dylan Rounds has plagued his family for five months now. Dylan Rounds went to school in Idaho, lived in Hazelton for a while, graduated here, and moved to Utah to start his own farm. His only dream in the entire world was to be a farmer. Unfortunately, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances that are now being investigated as a homicide.

Dylan Rounds Disappearance In May

Dylan last has contact with family at the end of May. He had spoken with the family the night before he disappeared. At first, Box Elder police treated it like a runaway teen or a young man who ran off to start a new life. It took some time, but after finding some evidence, it is now being investigated as a homicide. You can read the past details on the story when it first came out here.

New Details On The Investigation

Dylan Rounds parents have been speaking with plenty of organizations to help get more answers. Dylan's boots were found on his property with blood on them. The family came back a few days after his disappearance to try and find his truck keys and his gun. Dylan's father had to smash the back of the window out of the truck to get into it because it was locked and the keys were not to be found. The gun was also nowhere to be found. Dylan typically did not lock his truck and always kept a gun in it. The next day they returned to the trailer, and they found the key to his truck in plain sight on the counter. One day after that they returned and found his gun on the counter, the same place as the keys, in plain sight, where they could not have missed it. Someone had placed them there that was not the family.

Dylan's phone was also found at the bottom of a pond on June 18th. Call records show that he had placed several calls, one imparticular stood out, Jim Brenner. Brenner admitted he was the one that moved Dylan's boots, which had blood on them but did not say anything else. The phone that was found had call logs to Brenner and indicated Brenner was also at the pond the same day.

No one has been charged or arrested for Dylan's murder or disappearance. Jim Brenner is in custody but he is charged with felony gun crimes.

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