K9 officers are in just as much danger when they are on the streets as their human partners. They can be incredibly valuable to a police force, going places and running faster than humans can. Now one K9 in Minidoka County has his own body armor to protect him.

K9 Officer Axo got body armor donated to him from a non-profit organization called Vested Interest in K9s and it was sponsored by a couple out of San Diego California. The body armor is will provide protection against bullets and knives.

The Vested Interest in K9's Inc is a program that helps protect K9's employed in law enforcement and related agencies. The K9 must be at least 20 months old, and that is the only requirement. Recently graduated K9s are eligible as well as dogs who have outdated or worn armor.

According to Minidoka County Sheriff's Office, each vest for a dog is valued between $1,744 and $2,283. The vest comes with a 5 year warranty and weighs 4 to 5 pounds.

Just a few days ago in Las Vegas, a K9 grabbed a hold of a knife wielding assailant they were chasing. The K9 Hunter ended up being stabbed 13 times by the man and refused to let go. Despite the serious injuries the K9 made sure the criminal was caught. Officers were able to get the assailant to drop the knife after shooting him with rubber bullets, but not until after the dog suffered serious injury. Fortunately K9 Hunter survived. Hopefully body armor for K9 Axo will prevent something like this from happening to him.

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