The future is evolving a bit faster than anyone expected. Meet iStruct, a quadruped robot designed to mimic an ape. It's learned a new trick: to stand on two legs like a human.

Remember when I showed you DARPA's robot "Atlas," which is presumably designed to mimic the T-800 from the 'Terminator' films? Well the iStruct is far scarier. It's evolving.

Developed by Germany's DFKI, iStruct was designed to improve locomotion and mobility in robots, and it truly is a beautiful machine. Watching the spine twist and the individual servos that represent muscles and ligaments move around the waist is truly artwork in motion. We are looking at the future in this robot.

So when the robots do decide to rise up against us, let me be the first to say hello to our new robotic overlords.

(Via Gizmodo)

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