The Future Has Arrived
Last week DARPA and Boston Dynamics unveiled "Atlas," a humanoid robot that looks more like it belongs in "The Terminator" rather than working in our homes.
If robots do eventually turn on us and take over the world, this is what our new robot overlords will look l…
Japan Has a Hair Washing Robot [VIDEO]
Leave it to Japan to develop a hair washing robot. So far it looks like they are only using it on mannequins. It’s only a matter of time before the robots move from hair washing to human subjugation. Watch below.
Man Takes First Steps in 20 Years With Robot ExoSkeleton
Imagine losing the ability to walk. Imagine losing said ability for over 20 years.
Now, imagine the kind of elation you'd feel if an invention came along that made it possible for you to walk again.
That's exactly how the man in this video felt after using the ReWalk ExoSkeleton robot. Designed by Arg…