With the school year winding down, the kids get a few moments of peace. Then it’s summer chores! Oh, the joy and excitement parents get when the kids are home all summer to get everything done before the next school year. Adults everywhere can’t wait for the summer to begin so they can relax because the kids take care of everything.

Okay, so no, that’s not how it works. With May upon us, the Twin Falls Public Library has a few things on the calendar to help maintain sanity in the household. Kids are on the cusp of going berserk and parents are facing end-of-year burnout. Just get through May. June will be filled with hikes and swimming and vacations and retreats and barbecues and parks and so on.

May's Twin Falls Public Library Events Help Out Adults

In May, the adults get to avoid the eye-rolls from kids who know everything about their parent's laptops. The people in the house older than 17 can learn how computer by themselves with tech classes, computer basics, and digital art. Adults can escape reality with some Dungeons and Dragons and Book Club. Grown-ups have a moment to learn new things with a Geneology Workshop, a presentation from Idaho Power, Knitting and Crochet Basics, or A Good Yarn Club.

Sure, there are some good family activities. Movie matinees on Saturdays, a family game night, and a preview of ‘Tuck Everlasting’ with singing and a Q&A offer a few things to do for the whole family.

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