Maren Morris goes cinematic with her "I Could Use a Love Song" music video, bringing in actors who put on display the conflict so many couples face: following dreams vs. the relationship.

The song is a lament, longing for a simpler, less cynical time — one in which Morris wasn’t predisposed to assume relationships don’t work out. So when the doting love interests are introduced, they seem like exactly that: a happy couple.

What seems as if it will be simply background scenes accompanying the song, a juxtaposition of a loving relationship with the doubt of the lyrics, quickly becomes more complicated. The actors soon interrupt the song with dialogue, the woman suggesting she may one day want to go to L.A. to pursue her dream of being a dancer. The boyfriend brushes it off playfully, but the disconnect has already begun. Later in the video, the two argue over the possibility that she will leave, though she asks him to come with her. The intense fight results in the type of broken relationship Morris is singing about, perhaps confirming her cynicism altogether.

The unexpected storytelling mid-video is not only a surprise concerning the format, but concerning the theme. Instead of portraying hope for a love that works out, Morris paints a picture of a reality many people experience. The raw take on the matter suits Morris and her honest songwriting well, creating a memorable video for fans.

"I Could Use a Love Song" is the third single from her record Hero, which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Album. Morris is currently on the road for her Hero Tour with boyfriend and fellow artist Ryan Hurd. She’s also been opening up for Chris Stapleton on select dates of his tour.

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