We are continuing our March Madness Twin Fall Restaurant bracket. This time we are going with Steakhouses and Miscellaneous restaurants against each other. There wasn’t enough steak house options so we added some other delicious restaurants to fill it out and make it complete. It is going to be a tough decision.

In fact I think this one might have been the hardest bracket for me to vote on. There are so many great options and it wouldn’t surprise me if one of these made the number one spot.

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Previously we have done the top Mexican restaurants and the top Diners. The top 8 Mexican restaurants are: Janitzios, La Fiesta, Don Juans, El Toro, Tacos Villa, Café Rio, 9 Beans and Costa Vida.

The top 8 Diners are: Depot Grill, Idaho Joes, Norm’s Café, Shari’s Café, Buffalo Café, Applebees, Kneaders and Abracadabras. I feel like there weren’t as many upsets in this one as the Mexican Restaurants.

Now we have steakhouse and miscellaneous. This is going to be tough.

After this we will continue with bar and grill which is one of my favorite categories and may also be the hardest one for me. If you haven’t seen a restaurant on the list that you think should be there, they may be on the final list. After this we will slowly dwindle each bracket down until we vote for the best restaurant in Twin Falls. Or at least the one that makes it to the end and wins Twin Falls restaurant March Madness. This has been fun to watch

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