This is such a sad looking pup. It is currently at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter and needs lots of medical attention. The shelter is looking for the owners. If you know this dog please contact the shelter.

This poor pup is covered in blood, looks like it has an infection or other injury to it's eye and looks so sad. Apparently duck hunters found this pup with a collar but haven't been able to contact the owners.

Although we don't know exactly what happened to this poor thing, there are some rumors circling around on social media that the dog was shot and could lose it's left eye. They are not releasing the gender of the dog because they are using that information to identify the owners. Owners are asked to contact the shelter with location lost, gender and description of the collar it was wearing.

The animal shelter said the dog will probably lose it's left eye and they are requesting donations to help with the vet bills.

We don't know the story behind this dog and a lot of people are asking why the shelter would ever return the dog to the owners. Bottom line is we aren't sure who could have hurt this pup. For all we know the dog was actually hit by a car and fled, or maybe someone took the dog from it's owners.

Either way, if you would like to donate you can click here. We are going to follow this story and keep everyone updated as we can.

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