The 7th Annual Magic Valley Beer Festival happens Saturday. Here is how you survive the occasion.

1.) Bring chairs! Make sure you have a place to sit down, relax and enjoy a beer while listening to live music. Maybe even find the perfect shady tree in proximity to your favorite beer.

2.) Bring cash! There will be a ton of silent auction items and some really great stuff. Plus, it is always good to tip the beer pour-ers.

3.) Bring water! It is supposed to be hot. Excessive heat and beer don't mix the best. You should have some water in a cooler in your car at the least.

4.) Bring your I.D. this is a major duh, but you will definitely need it. They check every single person.

5.) Pace yourself. You will get a lot of tickets and get to sample a lot of beers. Be choosy with your options and take your time. It isn't a race.

6.) Get a designated driver or a cab. SOME cabs that day will take you home from the park for $5 as long as it is in the city.

7.) Eat before, eat during, eat after. You can support local vendors that will be there, but you might want to eat before you head out, grab a bite while you're there and definitely eat after.

8.) Enjoy the live entertainment and people watching. It really is a great time!

For more information you can click here.

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