If you remember a time when most of Pole Line RD was nothing but poplar trees and farmland, take a look at these old pics from just over a decade ago that show how much development has taken place on Pole Line Road over the last decade.

Over recent years, we've seen wide open spaces converted into shopping, gas stations, hospitals, clinics, and car dealerships. Some of these before and after pics will blow your mind when you think of how fast Twin Falls has grown in such a short period.

Speaking of mind-blowing, try to imagine Pole Line as a two-lane road with a four-way stop at the Washington intersection, or driving down into Rock Creek Canyon instead of driving over a bridge on West Pole Line.

Old Pole Line Photos Show Crazy Fast 13-Year Development

These 2008 pics of Pole Line Road in Twin Falls compared to now demonstrate the crazy fast development over the last 13 years.

It's fascinating and mind-blowing to see how much Pole Line has changed in such a short time. Be sure to comment and let us know if we missed any big development that you think should be included in this list.

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