A certain tick is spreading across state lines and causing mystery. This particular tick can cause a meat allergy. It has a splash of white on it's back which has it dubbed the 'lone star tick'.

Recently after camping I found a few ticks in the tent and on my things. Luckily did not find any one me or the dog, but I am still freaked out and constantly thinking there is one on my stuff still. My friend recently told me about the tick that is causing meat allergies and is spreading across state lines.

LONE STAR TICK Amblyomma americanum
WHERE FOUND Widely distributed in the eastern United States, but more common in the South.
TRANSMITS Ehrlichia chaffeensis and E. ewingii (which cause human ehrlichiosis), Francisella tularensis (tularemia), Heartland virus (Heartland virus disease), Bourbon virus (Bourbon virus disease), and Southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI).
COMMENTS The greatest risk of being bitten exists in early spring through late fall. A very aggressive tick that bites humans. The adult female is distinguished by a white dot or “lone star” on her back. The nymph and adult females most frequently bite humans.

This is one I have not heard of yet, a tick basically infecting people with a meat allergy but ticks to me are like cockroaches, they are hard to get rid of and make me cringe. Wired.com did an article and it talks about the states with reported cases, Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York. Finding out it is nicknamed the I-40 disease, because it covers the area of North Carolina to Arkansas but is now spreading to other areas even in the North.

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