This was unexpected. When I first learned that someone had shot a new drone video in Sun Valley, I expected lots of mountains, streams and high-priced sports cars that I'll never be able to afford in this lifetime. Instead, I was treated to some very special moments of Sun Valley people attempting to dance. Brace yourself.

Was that dancing or did someone have a seizure?

This was shared by Rudy Willingham on Vimeo this week. Thanks, Rudy. My understanding of rhythm will never be the same. NOTE: The Sun Valley folk starting getting jiggy with it at around the :22 second mark, then again at the :35 second mark.

Wow. Was that dancing or did someone have a seizure? Was the guy in the plaid shirt actually breakdancing?

The strange thing about this admittedly awesome video is there are lots of trees, mountains and streams to go along with the awkward dancing.

If you like pretty Idaho sights, follow Rudy Willingham on Vimeo. He shoots some sweet videos even if the Sun Valley folks nearly completely wrecked this one trying to bust a move.

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