We were contacted by Raves and Rants Magic Valley to discuss the topic of Twin Falls daycare centers taking their children to the free lunch programs around the valley to feed those kids. Is this o.k.?

Now let me explain further. The children at some daycare centers are children needing lunch, but some of those daycare centers get paid to provide food to these children. The free lunch program at different school are thought to be, by some, for those children who don't have access to a meal and would otherwise go hungry.

Some may argue, the free food is for children, as long as children are being fed it should be fine. Others say, this is an abuse of the system and will make the program go through supplies and money faster, making more children go hungry in the end.

Some of the comments on Raves and Rants Magic Valley suggest that the daycare centers are trying to increase their profit margin by not having to spend money on food for the kids. We are getting some reports that parents pay extra during the summer time to their daycare to provide lunch for the children. But at the same time, if they are going to start turning away children, where is the line for who gets turned away and who doesn't?

It is an interesting debate. We want to know your thoughts.

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