I've lived in Twin Falls since 1987 and when I first moved here, I learned very quickly that in Idaho, we don't say "glove box"... or DO we?

Yesterday, I dropped my truck off to have some work done, and when I left it parked at the shop the mechanic asked me where my keys were.  I told him, "They're in the jockey box..." He smiled and replied, "You mean the glove box?"

Now, on the rare occasions I hear someone say 'glove box', it's usually because that person comes from somewhere else and they grew up saying it that way... so I automatically assumed he was a transplant.  But when I asked where he was from he said, "... born and raised in Gooding."

What gives?  I have been under the long standing impression that in Idaho, we say jockey box.  Or DO we?  Take our poll and let's settle this once and for all.