This is one of those videos that I can't decide if it's funny or the most horrible thing ever. Normally when a beloved pet passes away there are funerals, or flushings, but in this case a man has transformed his deceased cat into a remote controlled helicopter.

Bart Jansen's cat Orville--aptly named after pioneer aviator Orville Wright--passed away. Instead of giving the feline a proper burial, Jansen turned the cat into the "Orvillecopter." This half cat/half cyborg RC helicopter does indeed fly and even has an access panel built into its back.

In the video, from the Dutch television program PowNed TV, Jansen shows the Orvillecopter in action. At the point in the video where the flying cat is chasing cows around the pasture I laughed so hard I snorted. And then I felt bad.

Joe Diffie said to prop his body up by the Jukebox when he dies, but I don't recall a verse about turning him into a remote controlled helicopter.

Is what Bart has done okay? Watch the video--which is entirely in Dutch--and then vote.

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